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Latest Internet buzz: another scandal involving Dr. Hayden Kho. No wait, drop that "doctor" from his name, or the rest of the medical practitioners in the Philippines will react violently. Hayden Kho. (The ladies on Plurk have a discussion going here.)

After featuring prominently in a love triangle with the eminent Dr. Vicky Belo and the luscious Katrina Halili and attempting suicide, scandal continues stalking him, it seems. Not only was a video of him and Katrina getting, um, intimate, posted on YouTube, but this time, buzz has it that he is in another scandalous video with ANOTHER girl. Okay, that makes me wonder whether the first instance was really, well, tsamba.

There's talk of getting him disciplined by the professional associations he belongs to (I heard interviews on the radio earlier today).

But really, guys. What is this thing about sex videos? Why do people have to go and take videos of themselves during such private moments? For what? Personal gratification? To share with the whole world?


It's no concern of ours who you men (and I use the plural, this is not directed at any specific person) sleep with, as long as you are both consenting adults who will not be hurting anyone else by your actions (i.e., unmarried or uncommitted). That is an intimate, private act between two individuals. At the very least, a sense of decency should stop you from talking, or even boasting, about it to your friends, or to anyone, much more from taking videos of the act, and worse, showing them off to the rest of the world. If it doesn't, if you don't have even a scrap of that sense of decency, then you are a jerk. There are worse things to call you, but jerk is the only thing that comes to mind at present.

Some men would say that chivalry is dead, that there are no gentlemen left. How low could you sink? That's not even an excuse to treat women with disrespect. A woman getting intimate with you, sleeping with you, doesn't immediately convert her from angel to whore. (And even sex workers have rights, don't forget that.) It is not an excuse for you to treat her as if she is not entitled to feel shame or embarrassment anymore. Women have feelings. They have senses. Same as you.

I hate to have to say this, but we Filipinos know "mabilis ang karma (karma works fast)." You may be men, but you have mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, even nieces, daughters and granddaughters. What you do to a woman may not rebound on you or affect you directly, but it might just happen to one of the women in your life. Perhaps, in several years more, you would be watching a scandalous sex video but this time with tears and anger, for the girl or woman in the video is a member of your family. Hypocritical tears and anger, for after all, did you not do the same thing yourself in the past? How does the shoe fit, in that instance?

Or wait. Maybe you just wouldn't care. But then, would you still be worthy to be called a human being?

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