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Whaaaaaat!! SRSLY?!? I can't take this anymore!

I went home a little late just the other night so took a taxi. The taxi driver was only too eager to discourse on his reactions to the Hayden Kho - Katrina Halili scandal.

"Kawawa naman talaga yung si Katrina Halili mam, umiyak pa nga (I felt so sorry for Katrina Halili, she was crying)," he said. "Bentang benta na ang video ngayon, tag-50 isa (The video is selling like hotcakes, 50 pesos each)."

I told him I thought the police were cracking down on the vids. He said it was only in Quiapo. There are other places in Manila, after all, like Monumento and Divisoria.

Okay, I was glad to see my own street corner. I had been writing an article about Hayden Kho and wanted to not see or hear that name again for like a couple of days.

But what is this??

In the alley I usually pass through to get home, there are some benches. I usually have to excuse myself passing through groups of people busy gossiping. Usually, there were older people but that night teenagers, aged about 15 or so, were there. Girls, at that. I could not believe what they were talking about!

"Grabe naman yung si Hayden Kho, hot na hot (That Hayden Kho is really something, he was raring to go at it)," I heard one of them say as I approached.

"At nakita nyo ba si Katrina, pumapadyak padyak pa ang paa (And did you see Katrina (Halili), she was even pedaling her feet)," another put in. The whole bunch collapsed into giggles then went on discussing the sex videos in detail without a trace of embarrassment.

I felt SO mortified for them. I was shaking with indignation when I finally got home.

What are these people thinking about? What are the politicians and leaders of our country thinking? What are the parents thinking?

How did the videos proliferate so much that even the children had easy access to it, to the extent that they could discuss them chapter and verse? And who let them watch those videos?

Why is it that those children could easily discuss Hayden Kho's videos and dissect his performance in bed, but probably could not summarize the Noli Me Tangere or the El Filibusterismo? Why is it that people could summon up outrage over his behavior but not over the book blockade, or over corruption, or over all the other issues besieging the country?

Why is it that people can probably recount in detail all the things that happened from Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho's breakup to present updates, yet cannot even name one symptom of swine flu?

OMG whyyyyy????

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