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I was already afraid of running late this morning, so I hailed a taxi at the corner of Araneta and Aurora. The taxi driver had the radio on and was listening to the morning news. Something, I believe, about the Lakas-Kampi meeting to be held later in the day.

I commented that we would finally get to know who the administration candidate would be. He answered that whoever the administration chose didn't matter because he wasn't voting for that candidate. I asked him why.

Because we need a change, he said. Because the present administration should be thrown out and replaced with people who would actually do something for the country. Replaced with people who would actually think of the country first before themselves and their pockets.

"Di ako naniniwala doon sa sinasabi nilang di pwedeng tanggalin dahil walang ipapalit, mam. Hindi naman ang ipapalit ang tanong doon eh, ang tanong eh kung karapat-dapat pa ba silang manatili sa puwesto. Sa ibang bansa nga, hindi pa ganun kasama ang ginagawa ng pinuno nila tinatanggal na nila. Di kaya yung tao na mismo kusang nagbibitiw. Dito hindi. Sinusuka na natin at sinisipa nagsusumiksik pa rin sa puwesto."

[I don't believe in what they are saying that we cannot remove them because there is no one to replace them, ma'am. The question is not who to replace them with, the question is whether they are still fit for the post. In other countries, even if their leaders aren't that bad yet, they already remove them. Or the person himself voluntarily steps down. Here, it doesn't happen. We are already vomiting them and kicking them out but they still insist on staying in office.]

Why didn't he like the present administration, I asked.

"Kasi mam, wala silang honor."

[Because, ma'am, they don't have any honor.]

He went on to say that the administration said that our lives had improved but they haven't. "Ngayon yata tayo pinakamahirap, mam. [It seems we're poorest right now.]"

"Pero wais din tong administration na to. Noong magkakagulo na sana dahil sa NBN, bigla nilang pinalabas na kapos tayo sa bigas. Siyempre, pinapili tayo kung anong iintindihin, yung corruption o yung sikmura natin. Kaya imbes na magrally, pinili natin pumila dun sa bigas."

[But this administration is wise. When it seemed there would be trouble over the NBN, they suddenly made it appear that there was a rice shortage. Of course, we were given a choice which we would attend to first, corruption or our hungry stomachs. So instead of rallying, we lined up to buy rice instead.]

That was why he was happy the election was near, he said. So that the present administration would be replaced.

I asked him if he already had a candidate for president.

Yes, he said with pride. Of course. Noynoy Aquino. He asked if I had already chosen a candidate.

I said I was still thinking over my choice. What if I chose someone and he turned out to be as bad as the present administration?

He shook his head. Not Noynoy, he said. Noynoy was the son of Ninoy and Cory. He had been brought up well. He knew what his parents believed in.

"Kahit na mam, sigurado ako, hindi siya magiging sinsama ng mga nakaupo ngayon. [Even then, I'm sure he won't be as bad as the ones in power now.]"

What if, I said, the administration would do something to be able to stay in power beyond 2010?

"Dapat hindi tayo nasa bahay lang mam. Dapat lumaban tayo para pigilan na mangyari yun. Dapat magsalita tayo. [We shouldn't just stay at home, ma'am. We should fight to stop that happening. We should speak out.]"

At that point we had arrived at the office and I paid him and disembarked. I didn't even think to note his name, or the name and number of his taxi. But from my earlier frantic mood, I felt considerably better because of that conversation.

Mabuhay ka, mamang driver, kung sino ka man. [Long live you, Mr. Driver, whoever you are.] I hope there are more and more Filipinos like you.

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i also love talking about the upcoming 2010 elections with taxi drivers.hehehe.pulso ng bayan kumbaga.hehehe.

November 12, 2009 at 7:20 PM

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