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This blog is really getting to be a repository of old songs and stuff. Har har. Here are some more songs that I remember from old school days. We performed "Temandan" in several choir competitions when I was in elementary school-- some old friends who didn't go to the same school with me may not agree, but we were the best choir in the municipality for two years!-- and "Kayo Mdata" was a staple for command performances. Yes, I sang when I was in elementary and high school. Don't believe my family when they tell you I don't have a voice. I like singing. So there. :P Both songs are fast-paced, and the fun with "Kayo Mdata" is that it's actually a round that gets faster and faster. Bagbagto is a song that my teacher aunt taught me when I was very small; I still have it memorized because of the pattern. Don't ask me what they mean though-- I have absolutely no idea. I think "Kayo Mdata" might be a T'boli or B'laan song. Also, spelling and some parts might vary because we learned these songs orally.

We also used the last song as a contest piece, but this one I understand because it's Hiligaynon, so I give you a translation. Also, it's my favorite folk song because it's really funny.


U, u, u, temandan
Temandan bucay hahan
E, e, temandan
Sotulogi, temandan
Sotulogi, temandan
E, e, temandan
Temandan bucay hahan,
Temandan bucay hahan,
E, e, temandan
Sotulogi, temandan
Sotulogi, temandan
Temandan bucay hahan,
E, e, temandan.

Kayo Mdata

Kayo mdata bulol la kayo lumungoy daun
An wan do to icong lacaya
Palbok ne melong sama
Ne ungca nangal matan
Tem dem na mlatundan...


Bagbagto, bagbagtolambik
Tolambik, tolambawikan
Bawikan, bawikalanay
Kalanay, kalanapunay
Napunay, napunayagta
Nayagta, nayagtakumpa
Takumpa, takumpayaao
Payaao, payaatimbao
Atimbao, atingawistan
Gawistan, gawistanabu
Tanabu, tanabugaay
Bugaay, bugaay madun.


Sang Isa Ka Gab-i

Sang isa ka gab-i masanag ang bulan
May isa ka tawo nga nagpanindahan
Uminom sang tuba* nahubog nagtalang
Diretso sa pilapil sa turugban nagtigpasaw*
Sang iya pagtigpasaw nakibot ang karbaw
Pumusnga ang sapat, ang hubog nagwawaw*
Gilayon tumindog kag tumingkaaw
Sulo ang nakita, ang lago* sa kahoy*
Ang lago sa kahoy nga doble ang tuktuk
Tiko-tiko iya balay kag nanabud-sabud
Wasay sanduko aton nga iutod--
Sugiran ta ka Nonoy, iya ngalan Tamilok*!

[Some of my classmates would add "...ok-ok!" at the end, just for fun, and it ended the song with a kind of echo. :D]

[English translation]
It happened one night, when the moon was full
There was a man who went to market
He drank some tuba, got drunk and lost his way,
Went straight to the rice field and fell into a mud wallow
The splash he made startled the carabao,
The animal snorted, and the drunk man cried loudly
He stood up and then looked up
Saw a torch, and a worm in the wood
The worm in the wood had two beaks
Its house was crooked and twisted around and around
A sanduko axe is what we'll use to cut it--
I tell you, Nonoy, its name was Tamilok.

*Tuba - coconut wine
*Tigpasaw - to fall in with a big splash
*Wawaw - an onomatopoeic word mimicking a loud cry or wail

*Lago - earthworm, worm
*Kahoy - wood or tree
*Tamilok - Shipworm or Teredo worm, eaten as a delicacy

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