How was your Women's Month so far?  

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Women's month? It is? Really now?

Well, for one thing, Nicole issued that statement about how she doubted that she was raped.


(1) That case was supposed to be a vindication. Not a damnation. Not of Nicole, not of other Filipinas, not of the rest of the Filipinos, not of this country and its culture.
(1a) How can supposedly morally upright people condemn a girl, a woman, for being raped because her clothing, her behavior, "invited it"? The heck, how masochistic women must be, to invite their own violation and degradation, then. The implication being that women must be restrained, must be prim and proper. This from the same morally upright viewpoint that family planning is a sin and that really now, people should keep themselves from having sex. Well then, those people who should be disciplined enough to abstain from the act, should be disciplined enough to not assume a woman is "inviting" them just because she wears shorts and a tank top or to not act on the "invitation".
(2) We should be protecting our own. Not, well, pimping them. Really, in this country some people think everything is relative to money. And don't some of us have that practice where, if people accuse our children of wrongdoing, we immediately punish the child without waiting to find out if the accusation was true or not? The reason: the child being accused shamed us, and it didn't matter if he was in the right--- he was just a child, and had no right to shame his parents/family.
(3) Many Filipinas do have dignity. We are not all for sale, not to the first person who offers, not to the first person who offers a reasonable price, not to any person no matter how high the price, dammit.
(4) Not all Filipinos want to kowtow to the Almighty superpowers, either, just because they are a so-called First World country (that went into a recession which infected us). And don't you be calling me a hypocrite now. I have online friends in other countries. But you don't see me deferring to them or fawning on them, just because of where they live, because we are on the same footing and I like it that way. Filipinos are as good as anyone else in the world, warts and all. If you want to insist that other nations don't have any warts, I will think that you are the hypocrite.


For another thing, Jalosjos just got out of jail.

(1) Rape is never justified, dammit. That's why it was changed from a crime against chastity to a crime against persons, in the first place. And rape of a child is reprehensible. How twisted would you be, to even think of doing such a thing?
(2) Such statements we see about how he had the right to have his sentence commuted and all that. About his having suffered already and should be given another chance. Suffered, my ass. Spare me. According to reports, he had a pretty cushy cell. And later, he even lived outside of the prison, in his own house, beside a resto-bar yet. And reportedly drove around the prison in his own car. While the other inmates rotted. If he had suffered like them, along with them, I would have believed that talk about punishment.
(3) What sort of message are we sending here? That there are a lot of things you can get away with as long as you have money and power? Two life sentences, PLUS a minimum of 48 years / maximum of 90 years... reduced to 16 + years only by the powers that be. Ain't life grand.


Such wonderfully ironic timing some things have. Murphy's Law, yet.

Happy Women's Month to all of us.

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