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I learned something at iBlog5 last Saturday, 9 May 2009.

I learned that no matter what our politicians do, even if they plaster their names and faces across the whole country right now, the COMELEC cannot do anything about it.


Apparently, it's that little thing called jurisdiction.

A COMELEC rep was at iBlog5 talking about election automation and the COMELEC going online and stuff. So someone asked what the commission is doing about all those irritating TV and radio ads and the posters and signs featuring larger-than-life mugs of politikos plastered all over the land.

The answer: as long as the politiko has not yet filed a certificate of candidacy, the COMELEC has no jurisdiction over him/her. He is not yet considered a candidate, and no matter if he plugs his ugly phiz all over the airwaves and the motorways, it is, apparently, NOT considered campaigning.

Apparently, even if the politiko is using public funds... refer to rule number one: He is NOT a candidate. Presumably then he can spend on campaigning all he likes because as long as he has not filed that all-important certificate of candidacy, again: He is NOT a candidate.

Splitting hairs, are we. But then, bear in mind, who makes the laws anyway?

Need we wonder anymore why all our politikos declare their candidacy on the very last day of filing?

I bet that's one little loophole that isn't gonna be plugged anytime soon. Why put an end to all that unsanctionable campaigning?

For some reason I keep imagining those politikos telling us "Nye nye nye nye nye..." everytime they air their ads or put up their posters.

Hey wait... if they're not candidates yet, then pulling down those posters will not be considered defacement of election materials, right?

That's a thought.

I wonder if I can get them for "public nuisance" on those ads.

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