Inheriting the wind  

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Nicole has gone abroad.

Leaving me with the growing suspicion that my first theory about the whole case was right. They are trying for another "inherit the wind."

Way, way back in high school, I came across a story. I forgot the title, I forgot the book, but the argument stayed with me: If you weren't there, how would you know how long Creation really took? The length of a day may not be the same for us now as it was with the Almighty when He created the earth. A day to him might be a month to us. Or a year. Or the billions of years of evolution.

It took ten years before I read "Inherit the Wind" and found out about the famous "Scopes monkey trial" on which it was based... and found out where the argument came from. I also found out there was more than that argument to interest me about that trial.

In 1925, in rural Tennessee, in the United States, a young teacher, John Scopes, dared to challenge a law that forbade the teaching of evolution in the schools. He taught his students about evolution and was arrested and charged under that law. The resulting trial was EPIC, a battle of legendary lawyers Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan, who both traveled long distances just to be in on the case that would change a nation.

But, here's the rub: it was a case of someone creating a scenario in order to create a case. A law ordinarily cannot be challenged unless there is an actual controversy, so the American Civil Liberties Union created the controversy. They looked for someone who was willing to undergo the trial just to challenge the law, and found John Scopes. The rest is history.

The difference is that John Scopes was willing to see the case through to the end. If there was a noose, he willingly put his head in it. The law he challenged would be viewed in present times as unjust and narrow-minded, and his cause, justified. And it took only his case to effect a difference.

But now?

Nicole, in the "Subic Rape Case" in which we are told now that no rape really happened, was supposed to be a symbol of all the Filipinas who have been exploited by the foreigners. Nicole was held up to all of us as a symbol: This is what the Americans have done to us and will go on doing to us. She is all of our sisters who were exploited and abused by the foreigners. She is the reason why we must kick them out of our land.

Unfortunately, Nicole said, what abuse? What exploitation? I'm tired of all this guff. Let me out of here. I need cash. Or words to that effect.

And the people who were looking to her as a banner under which to rally a cause, were disappointed, their hopes collapsed. They wanted the Americans out of the country. They wanted the Visiting Forces Agreement nullified. So, it seems, they are trying again.

After Nicole, Vanessa.

The problem, people, is that Filipinas are often viewed as prostitutes, our efforts to the contrary notwithstanding. Women who would do anything for money. Another such "rape case" would be laughable if the "victim" would be another "Nicole". A woman who goes to bars, most often in the hopes of meeting a foreigner. Yes, I know. "She asked for it" is NOT sufficient justification for rape. I would not be worthy to be called a woman if I didn't know or believe that. But then, going to bars and hotels to meet strange men, sleeping with them, and then crying "rape" just to make a case isn't justifiable either, no matter how you look at it. Act responsibly and be responsible for your actions, for goodness' sake.

If they had to find another victim to make an example of, for crying out loud, can't they find the real thing?

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