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I thought I'd post a couple more songs we used to sing during flag ceremony, if anyone still remembers these.

Panalangin ng Bayan

Huwag mo pong pababayaan
yaring mutyang bayan namin
Ipag-adya sa kalaban at mga mang-aalipin
Kasihan mo po ng lakas
ang bawat isa sa amin
Ituro mo po ang landas
na siyang dapat patunguhin
Inyong pagpalain ang Pangulo ng aming bayan
Yaring panalangin nawa'y inyong mapakinggan
Inyong pagpalain ang Pangulo ng aming bayan
Yaring panalangin nawa'y inyong mapakinggan

The Nation's Prayer
[Translated by Laya]

Grant that you not forsake
this treasured land of ours,
protect it from the enemy and those who might enslave us
Please give strength
to each and everyone of us
and please show us the way
that we should go.
Bless the President of our nation,
this prayer we hope you will heed.
Bless the President of our nation,
this prayer we hope you will heed.


Ako ay Pilipino

Ako ay Pilipino, ang dugo'y maharlika
likas sa aking puso, adhikaing kay ganda
sa Pilipinas na aking bayan,
lantay na perlas ng silanganan
wari'y natipon ang kayamanan
ng Maykapal...
Bigay sa'king talino, sa mabuti lang laan
Sa aki'y katutubo ang maging mapagmahal
Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay Pilipino
isang bansa 'sandiwa* ang minimithi ko
sa bayan ko't bandila laan buhay ko't diwa
ako ay Pilipino, Pilipinong totoo
Ako ay Pilipino, ako ay Pilipino
taas-noo kahit kanino,
ang Pilipino ay ako.

I am a Filipino
[Translated by Laya]

I am a Filipino, I have the blood of a free man
noble ideals are natural to my heart
for the Philippines my country,
pure pearl of the East,
where all of the Creator's treasures seem to have been gathered...
The intelligence granted me is intended only for good
for me, it is natural to be loving
I am a Filipino, I am a Filipino
one nation, one mind* is my dream
My life and mind are dedicated to my country,
I am a Filipino, a Filipino true.
I am a Filipino, I am a Filipino,
head held high to everyone,
the Filipino is me.

*This dates the song to the Marcos regime. However, the sentiments it expresses should still hold true.

These songs keep coming back to me, although I'm not sure of the titles and some of the lyrics. I suppose it's the musical equivalent of the "pass the rumor" game-- these lyrics were never really posted on the blackboard for us to copy and memorize. We learned them by rote, from listening to the students in the higher grades / years sing them! Gawd, I suddenly miss those class songfests.

The pink and white led by day and night
as a symbol of our youth
our banner great and the creed we've said
will symbolize our truth
one purpose binds us together
a purpose so strong and great
that we join each other in a song
to show our pride and strength
Future homemakers of the Philippines,
we are ever moving on
to live better lives and to build better homes
now and in the years to come
we strive towards new horizons
always trying to reach our goal
Future homemakers of the Philippines
so true, so brave, so bold...
The sun and the stars are all singing
the song rises strong from the earth
the hope of humanity bringing
a hymn to a new world in birth
United Nations on the march with flag unfurled
Together fight for victory a free new world
Together fight for victory a free new world.
Isang gabi noon ako'y nangarap
namamangka ako sa dagat
nakakita ako ng isang bulaklak
lulubog, lilitaw sa dagat
at nang lalapitan ko at kukunin
hinahampas pa rin ng hangin
ibig mo ba giliw aking hahabulin
lulubog, lilitaw sa dagat,
lulubog, lilitaw sa dagat.

one night I had a dream
I was in a boat on the ocean
when I saw a flower
sinking and floating on the water
and when I would go near and get it
the wind would blow it away
darling, do you want me to go after it,
sinking and floating on the water
sinking and floating on the water?
Isang gabi, maliwanag
ako'y naghihintay sa aking magandang dilag
namamanglaw ang puso ko
at ang diwa ko ay laging nangangarap
Malasin mo giliw ang saksi ng aking pagmamahal
bituing nagniningning kislap tala't liwanag ng buwan
ang siyang magsasabi na ang pag-ibig ko'y sadyang tunay
araw gabi ang panaginip ko'y ikaw...

one bright night,
I was waiting for my lovely girl
my heart was pining
and my mind was often dreaming
Look my darling at the witnesses of my love
sparkling stars, starshine and the light of the moon
will tell you that my love is true
day and night my dream is of you...

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